Michka Seeliger-Chatelain, widely known as "Michka", is a French woman of letters. After studying at the Sorbonne, she lived for a few years in England with a British seafaring man. Together, they emigrated to the Pacific coast of Canada and built a sailboat. It took them a year to sail it back to Europe.

In 1978, Michka returned to British Columbia with the writer Hugo Verlomme, her new partner. They built a cabin in the wilderness, had two sons, and went back to France in 1985.

In Paris, Michka collaborated with different magazines and wrote regular columns on organic gardening—a field that was just taking off and in which she was a pioneer. She wrote several books and became a specialist on hemp and cannabis. In 1993, the journal Maintenant published an article by Michka that was devoted to the World Health Organization's scientific advisor Professor Gabriel Nahas. At the time, he was considered to be a world expert on the subject. Nahas proclaimed himself to be "the enemy of cannabis" and "ready to fight it by all means"—including by breaching scientific integrity, as Michka pointed out in her article. The studies put forward by the professor were fraught with voluntary biases designed to prove the dangers of cannabis to the health of those who consumed it. Nahas took Michka to court, and she was ordered to pay one symbolic franc. The trial, however, highlighted the purely ideological character of the professor's widely-disseminated work.

Michka founded Mama Éditions with Tigrane Hadengue in 2000, with the intention of publishing "beneficial books.” She has also been translating the Seth books, channeled by Jane Roberts, into French.

In 2010, Michka started writing a three-part autobiography entitled De la main gauche (The Left Hand), which was published in a single volume in 2015.

One of the oldest cannabis seed companies (Sensi Seeds) created a new strain in 2017 and named it Michka® in honor of her contribution as a marijuana icon.

Michka currently divides her time between her publishing house in Paris, writing, and her cabin in Canada. Her autobiographical stories continue to be an inspiration to men and women who wish to take their destiny into their own hands.



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2017, Mama Éditions

De la main gauche, Une autobiographie
2015, Mama Éditions

Cannabis médical, Du chanvre indien au THC de synthèse
2009, Mama Éditions

Pourquoi & comment cultiver du chanvre
2007, Mama Éditions

La Spiruline, Une algue pour l'homme et la planète
2005, Georg éditeur

La Chose, Dix raisons de briser le tabou du caca (coauteur Hugo Verlomme)
2000, Mama Éditions

Le Livre du cannabis, Une anthologie (coauteurs Tigrane Hadengue et Hugo Verlomme)
1999, Georg éditeur

Le Chanvre, Renaissance du cannabis
1995, Georg éditeur

Le cannabis est-il une drogue ?
1993, Georg éditeur

À mains nues
1983, Albin Michel

Le Dossier vert d'une drogue douce (coauteur Hugo Verlomme)
1978, Robert Laffont

Le Grand Départ et la vie sur l’eau
1977, Albin Michel




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Un précieux ouvrage de synthèse.